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5 Exercises to Build Shoulder Muscles for More Size and Strength


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When you work hard to work your lean shoulders, but they show little sign of muscle growth, it can be frustrating. The exercises you don’t do may be a part of the problem. An expert recommends some of the best exercises to increase shoulder mass, which can also help improve your neck and back posture.

Fitness expert Robin Behl of The Tribe shares some exercises that can help you build shoulder muscles and a stronger upper body.

Here are the 5 best exercises that you can include in your daily workout routine:

1. Dumbbell External Rocker

Step 1: Stand straight holding a dumbbell in each hand.
Step 2: Bend both the elbows and make a 90 degree angle with your hands.
Step 3: Hold the dumbbells facing forward at a height just below shoulder level.
Step 4: Walk your hands overhead so that they are directly over your shoulders and the dumbbells are in front of you.
Step 5: Bring Them Back Down. This completes one repetition.

exercises to build shoulders
Dumbbells can help you gain the muscles around the shoulders. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Push-ups

Step 1: Get on your hands and knees and crawl onto the mat. Your grip will improve when you practice on the mat.
Step 2: Now straighten your palms by pressing firmly against the mat. Make sure your hands are not too wide. They should be slightly wider than your shoulder. Make sure you are on your toes and your legs are straight.
Step 3: As you inhale, lower your body keeping your core tight. After this, while pressing your palms firmly in the mat, while exhaling, pull your body upwards. When you lift yourself, don’t forget to lock your elbows. For a wider range of motion, go down as far as you can.

Pro tip: For better results, try to use your upper body. Additionally, it would be great if you could maintain your push-ups while you’re up. The hold should not exceed one second.

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3. Parallel Bar Dips

Step 1: Stand in the middle, rest your hands on the parallel bars with your palms facing your body.
Step 2: With your arms extended, lower yourself while maintaining a straight back and shoulders. If necessary, you can also bend your knees slightly so that your feet do not touch the ground.
Step 3: Push yourself up and return to the starting position.
Step 4: Continue to push up and down, for the duration of the set.
Step 5: Keep your chest down and lean forward. He is a representative. Aim for at least 8-12 dips.

exercises to build shoulders
Bar dips can cause a fire in your shoulder! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Olympic Ring Pull-Ups

Step 1: Make sure the gymnastic rings are high enough for you to stand just below you and lower your body without hitting the ground.
Step 2: Stand under the rings, holding them with your palms facing in.
Step 3: Bending your arms, pull your chest up and toward the rings. Be careful not to jerk as this can cause the rings to swing.
Step 4: Hold this position with your chest at its highest point for one second, then slowly lower your body back to the starting position.
Step 5: Once you’re done, praise and repeat this exercise.

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5. Olympic Ring Dips

Step 1: Take a set of gymnastic rings with you.
Step 2: Jump to create a safe shoulder position, support yourself, lock your elbows and flex your thumbs.
Step 3: Keep your elbows above your wrists in a down and down posture.
Step 4: Press again, which will result in lockout.

Why should you focus on shoulder workouts?

You’ll never develop sculpted shoulders and collarbones without shoulder exercises. When your shoulders are open and relaxed, you stand tall and appear leaner overall. In addition, your shoulder muscles originate from the lower neck and extend to your shoulder. Therefore, according to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, shoulder exercises also provide relief from lower back pain. Not to mention, you won’t be able to lift those heavy weights if you don’t have strong shoulders!



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