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6 tricks to do karwa chauth fasting for diabetic sufferers


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One of the vital essential fasts of India consists of Karwa Chauth. It’s a day-long quick noticed by the ladies for his or her husband’s lengthy life and well-being. This 12-15 hour lengthy quick ends solely when the moon rises, often with out even consuming water. Some might declare it to be a great cleansing technique, however docs warn diabetic girls as a result of such lengthy hours of fasting might result in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Moreover, extended lack of water consumption might trigger dehydration, dyselectrolytemia (imbalance within the required quantity of electrolytes that are calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium within the blood) and hypotension. Does that imply karwa chauth fasting isn’t good for diabetics? Let’s discover out!

Are you able to quick if in case you have diabetes?

Analysis has proven that intermittent fasting advantages in sustaining glucose stability within the physique, improves insulin resistance, has cardioprotective results and aids in weight reduction. Karwa chauth quick may be thought of one such sort of quick.

Nevertheless, a sudden change in dietary patterns might trigger dangerous results in blood sugar ranges, inflicting different issues. A affected person might go into hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia (excessive blood sugar) and people diabetic girls who’ve macrovascular or microvascular issues might go into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). It’s a severe diabetes complication the place the physique produces extra blood acids (ketones).

Aged and co-morbid sufferers ought to hold superb care of themselves as they’re liable to issues.

6 Karwa Chauth fasting ideas when you’re a diabetic:

1. Eat a wholesome meal earlier than the quick begins

A Karwa Chauth quick for diabetic girls is protected solely when noticed with some warning by which the primary is the pre-dawn meal (sargi). This could embody nutrient-dense meals to maintain a day lengthy sustenance which needs to be a mix of advanced carbohydrates, fibre and protein. Choose the meals which have a low glycemic index. Sluggish digesting meals will hold them fuller for longer hours and keep optimum sugar ranges.

karwa chauth fasting
Eat wholesome to do a quick. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Preserve a test in your blood sugar ranges

Throughout the quick, hold a test in your blood sugar ranges. Monitoring it from time-to-time may help you to cut back the chance of each excessive blood sugar degree or low blood sugar degree. Preserve spiritual elements apart and break your quick in case your blood sugar degree has gone down.

3. Take drugs

Women on insulin or hypoglycaemic medication ought to seek the advice of their docs in regards to the drugs. Keep in mind, you can’t compromise together with your drugs it doesn’t matter what. So, be sure to eat all of your drugs on time and keep away from skipping them.

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4. Don’t ignore the indicators

If a complication happens, quick needs to be damaged instantly and medical assist needs to be taken. So, if you’re experiencing any signs throughout the fasting resembling vomiting, headache, nausea and darkish urine, you must keep away from fasting. Researchers counsel breaking the quick instantly if sugar ranges are decrease than 70 mg/dL or greater than 300 mg/dL.

5. Open your quick with mild meals

Be certain that to open the quick with mild meals, starting with some hydrating drink resembling coconut water. Opening the quick with calorie and fats laden meals might additional shoot the sugar ranges. So, sweets and fried meals needs to be an enormous no.

karwa chauth fasting
Eat wholesome to interrupt the quick. Picture courtesy: YouTube/YRF Movies

6. Take a health care provider’s recommendation

Some tips might profit the diabetic girls holding Karwa Chauth quick. They need to go to their respective endocrinologist for pre-fast counselling and in addition study in regards to the warning indicators of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

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Fasting has utmost significance in Indian tradition however performing it in a wholesome and deliberate method specifically by diabetic girls could make it extra helpful. So, all of the precautions are essential earlier than performing this quick. Additionally do not forget that nothing is extra essential than your well being. So in case your well being isn’t permitting you to quick, don’t push your physique.

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