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Coconut, Spinach, 3 More Plant Superfoods in Pet Recipes


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The growing popularity of plant superfoods in pet food is in line with people’s demand for agricultural products that produce health results in their own diets.

These superfood plants contain a range of beneficial chemicals, or phytonutrients, that promote the health and well-being of a person or pet beyond proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Although there is no legal or medical definition of a superfood, these ingredients have become particularly popular in premium and superpremium pet foods and treats.

These superfood ingredients can also play a role in plant-based pet foods or as substitutes for other ingredients. Especially when pet owners tend to eat more vegetarian food for ethical reasons, they want their pets to eat the same. Pet owners may be more attuned to animal welfare claims on pet products. For pet owners who don’t want to feed animal products to their dogs or cats, pet food manufacturers have several options.

As part of functional ingredients or plant-based pet food recipes, these five superfoods covered in ingredients issues may have places in dog, cat and other pet food formulations.

Superfood Plants in Pet Food

Spinach: Is This Real Superfood Beneficial for Dogs and Cats?

  • Rich in nutrition and known as a superfood in the human food world, spinach can be a great addition to pet food.

Cruciferous Vegetables: “Superfoods” in Dog and Cat Diets?

  • We see kale and broccoli as health beneficial ingredients in pet foods, along with cruciferous vegetables in general and their place in human and pet products.

Is Coconut Food a Good Choice for Dog and Cat Diets?

  • Coconut meal may be a new source of starch in pet food for dogs and cats.

Beyond Grain-Free: Chia as a Modern Ancient Grain for Dogs and Cats

  • Chia seed has a lot to offer as the next new ingredient option in pet food.

Blueberries: Does this superfood have a place in pet food?

  • We trace blueberries to much more than their novelty appearance in the food of dogs and cats.



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