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London-based Marlowe, 21, recently released her post-breakup dreamy track ‘Time Will Tell’. The young songwriter wrote and produced the track in the garage of his parents’ home in Malibu, which was later mixed and mastered by award-winning producer Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Elton John, Blondie).
Destined for a career in music Marlow was surrounded by musicians and instruments as his father, Nick Richards, is best known for his work as the lead singer and founder of the ’80s band Boys Don’t Cry. It was through this appetite for music that Marlowe wrote and recorded her first track, “16 Day Dreams”, at the age of just 15, which was followed by a music video co-starring supermodel Kaia Gerber. Shortly thereafter Marlowe was composing music for the film score and his track ‘Deep End’ was featured in the short film ‘The Inheritance’, in which Peter Andre performed all of the musical instruments. We contacted Marlowe to learn more…

hi marlo, how are you? What is being done?
hi i’m doing well! Well, lately I’ve been mainly working on new music. I even started a band with some friends, which is doing really well. We just finished our second gig two weeks ago, I’m really enjoying playing live music.

You are undoubtedly surrounded by music because of your dad, Nick Richards and Boys Don’t Cry. Tell us how it has affected you?
Like most children, they look up to their father no matter what they do. So because my dad was a musician, I automatically thought music was the coolest thing ever. Growing up, my parents had always played music from David Bowie to the Rolling Sons, something I learned at an early age, which certainly affected not only my musical tastes but my songwriting style as well. fell.

How are you feeling since the release of your debut single?
I honestly feel better since the release of Time Will Tell. I’m excited to see where this song goes and what opportunities it brings. Succeed or not, I am just happy that this song is available for public to listen to.

Who would you call the icon of your music?
Many people come to mind when it comes to my music icons but the ones who inspired me the most are The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Slipknot, 2Pack and Sade.

The video for ‘Time Will Tell’ shows you roaming around in London but you’ve also spent a lot of time in America. Do you think your music resonates more with UK audiences or audiences in the States?
It’s a tough question if I’m honest, I can’t really say with which audience my music resonates more, I think it resonates with both audiences equally.

Tell us a little bit about the concept behind your video.
For the video, I wanted to make sure it matched the tone of the song which is sad/hopeful to me. It’s a set track so I wanted the video to represent it as well. There wasn’t a story we were trying to follow or anything we wanted a more obvious natural effect which I think we pulled off quite well

Which artists are you listening to now?
The artists/bands I’m listening to right now are Rick James, Bill Withers, Anita Baker, and Labby Siffre.

Do you have any plans for a future release, or show, in 2022?
I hope to release another song before the end of the year. And as for the shoes, I plan to play with my band and alone.

What are your hopes for your future in music?
My hope for my future in music is to just stay true to myself, yes some success would be lovely! But no matter what, as long as I’m making music that I love and makes me happy, I’ll be fine.



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