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‘Priest’ (lower case, always) is a prolific Philadelphia-born, London-based alt pop artist with the birth name Sasha Naden. She was the first in her family of Russian immigrants born in America, growing up outside of Philadelphia, soaking in her rich family heritage and using it as inspiration to promote her songwriting. Suzanne: Her latest EP “Shopping for a Smile” is out now with “Frankenstein Heart” as the focus track.
We decided to find out more about him …

You have the artist name ‘Priest’ – what does this mean to you?

I’m a big fan of all occult things—I like to call myself a spiritual person, but I’m not one to force my beliefs on anyone. It’s just something I’ve always been interested in and it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I chose the name Priest for myself because of the tarot card ‘High Priest’, which is all about trusting your intuition to guide you. Ultimately, that’s the message behind all my music, to make people feel more confident about themselves and to know how they’re feeling when they’re not alone.


Who were your musical influences growing and who are your favorite artists right now?

My parents raised me mainly on rock and pop music, so that’s where I mostly live! As a teen I became a huge Nirvana fan, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore… there was a huge pop punk phase in my life when I started writing music. These days I would say that I am more versed in all kinds of music, with additions like hip hop and kpop. My favorite artists are Harry Styles, Bring Me the Horizon and BTS.

You are originally from the US – what made you want to move to London UK?

Believe it or not, living in London has always been my dream. It was something about the movies I watched growing up and my parents showing me mostly British actors like Depeche Mode, Queen and the Beatles that made me want to be here to see what it was all about. Is. I came here to go to university, now I have a bachelor’s in songwriting.

You Have A New EP Out ‘Shopping For A Smile’ – Tell Us More About It

Shopping for a smile is about accepting the circumstances for who they are but still allowing themselves to be felt. I wrote this period throughout my years at university and I tried my best to capture exactly how I was feeling in each song. I know those are my personal experiences but I am sure we all have felt this kind of heartbeat before. My goal was to provide some sonic nostalgia for those of you who might have forgotten what it’s like to explore life in your early twenties.

Where can we find you online?

@priestestunes on all social

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