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Sweet Nothings rebrands, expands lineup


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SAN FRANCISCO – Organic, plant-based smoothie maker Sweet Nothings is launching its first kids’ products this month. The introduction of the Squeezable Smoothie in Whole Foods Market stores across the country is one of several recent milestones for the San Francisco-based startup.

Packaged in “kid-friendly” tubes, the Squeezable Smoothie is formulated with organic fruits, vegetables, and chia seeds. Flavors include Pineapple Spinach, Mango Carrot and Strawberry Beet. The products are sold near frozen frozen fruit, which “talks about the versatility of the opportunity” and nutrient-dense ingredients, said co-founder and CEO Jake Naylor.

“We have done focus groups with parents and learned more about when a product like this might fit into their lives and the lives of their children,” said Mr. Neller. “It wasn’t something they thought of to replace popsicles filled with cane sugar and fruit juice. It was, ‘It could replace a yogurt tube or string cheese or apple sauce.’ … you’d never put dessert in the frozen fruit category, so with that placement comes a lot of credibility and a lot of flexibility.”

The products, which are free of the top eight allergens and produced in a dedicated facility, will also be available for purchase through online retailer Thrive Market.

“Parents who want their kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, or want to stay away from dairy because of allergies or other reasons, can throw it in the lunchbox instead of that yogurt tube or string cheese, and kids love it. does,” said Mr. Naylor. “They think they’re getting dessert. It’s sweet, savory, a little tangy. And parents clearly know it’s a really healthy option.”

The brand’s flagship line of single-serve, spoonable smoothies, which are plant-based without added sugar, are rolling out to more retail locations. After a successful trial, the products will be available this summer at select Kroger divisions, Mr. Neller said. The Sweet Nothing Spoon smoothie contains a blend of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Flavors include Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Tropical Greens, Blueberry and Mango.

Co-founder Beth Porter, a longtime entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, developed the early recipes in her home kitchen several years ago after her younger daughter decided to switch to a vegetarian diet. Products packaged in small spooned grab-and-go cups were designed to deliver the benefits of homemade smoothies without any preparation or cleanup.

Rebranded packaging launching soon, designed with vibrant colors and clear communication to stand out on the shelf. The addition of distribution benefits and children’s offerings brings the brand’s retail footprint to 2,500 doors, said Mr. Naylor.

Last fall introduced the shelf-stable snack Bite containing fruit, nuts, oats, and flax seeds, which are now sold on Amazon.com.

“We have been there for a month, and it has been really successful from a volume and reviews standpoint,” said Mr. Neller. “It was our intention around this line that there are places where we want to meet our consumer that we can’t have frozen. This is a product that feels innovative but still contains healthy, nutrient-rich, super clean ingredients. And it’s not a ‘me, too’ product. It’s different from anything out there.”



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