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US Foods Provides Inspiration for ‘The Next Wave of Global Cuisine’ food business news


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US Foods is launching its Fall Scoop 2017 lineup with a “Make It Yours” theme.

Rosemont, IL. US Foods is launching its Fall Scoop 2017 lineup with a “Make It Yours” theme. Chef Marcus Samuelsson, in the 26-product range, features new twists on global cuisine created in tandem with versatile offerings and time-saving options.

Stacy Sopinka, US Foods
Stacy Sopinka, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation for US Foods

Stacy Sopinka, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, said, “One of the most essential ingredients to succeed in the restaurant industry is finding the right balance of products that not only inspire menus but provide easy choices, time savings and profit drivers. ” US Foods. “For Fall Scoop, we partnered with Marcus to create a line that gives operators the motivation they need to power their success.”

new global cuisine

The company said the six new Fall Scoop products from US Foods were developed in collaboration with Chef Marcus Samuelsson, an award-winning chef, author and independent restaurateur, “to inspire the next wave of global cuisine”.

US Foods said, “Together, US Foods and Chef Samuelson developed six products that showcase Chef Samuelson’s culinary expertise and highlight his re-imagined American soul food concept.” “Products are inspired by Chef Samuelsson’s Ethiopian and Swedish heritage and his roots in Harlem, New York.”

US Foods Patuxent Farms Uptown Para-Fried Chicken Thighs

The new Patuxent Farms Uptown par-fried chicken thigh, inspired by Mr Samuelson’s Yard Bird Chicken of Red Rooster Harlem, is a cross between traditional fried chicken and world cuisine. This product adds a touch of buttermilk, coconut milk, and barbeque seasoning, along with a crunch of Southern breading.

US Foods Molly's Kitchen Spiced Braised Cauliflower with Aleppo Peppers

New Molly’s Kitchen Spicy Battered Cauliflower With Aleppo Peppers infuses cauliflower in a crunchy batter with a balanced Middle Eastern spice.

US Foods Monarch Addis Style Spice Blend

The new Monarch Eddys Style Spice Blend is inspired by traditional Ethiopian Berbere spice blends that factor in cinnamon, clove, cardamom and chile de arbol. It can be used as a rub for meat, poultry and fish, and as a seasoning for stews, soups, cereals and vegetables.

US Foods Chef's Line Cornbread Muffins

US Foods said the new Chef’s line of cornbread muffins “adds the spice of the big city to down-home soul food.” Corn muffins are spiced with Aleppo pepper and can be served as a sweet side dish or main plate breakfast item.

US Foods Harbor Banks Smoked Norwegian Salmon

New Harbor Banks Smoked Norwegian Salmon, a staple in Sweden where Mr Samuelson grew up, is cold-smoked for 24 hours using beechwood.

US Foods Harbor Banks Smoked Norwegian Trout

US Foods states that New Harbor Bank Smoked Norwegian Trout has a rich red color and firm texture.



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