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What’s frozen shoulder? Know all about restoration and therapy


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A frozen shoulder has nothing to do with ice! It’s merely a stiff and painful shoulder joint, which turns into onerous to maneuver. In the event you or an older member of the household goes by it, you could know in regards to the restoration time and therapy.

The shoulder is made up of three bones which type a ball-and-socket joint consisting of higher arm (humerus), shoulder blade (scapula), and collarbone (clavicle). The tissues surrounding the shoulder joint are referred to as the shoulder capsule.

What’s a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, also referred to as Adhesive Capsulitis (AC), is a persistent and painful shoulder situation that lasts for greater than 3 months. This inflammatory situation causes fibrosis within the glenohumeral joint capsule and is commonly characterised by regularly progressive stiffness and important vary of movement restriction (sometimes exterior rotation).

In case of a frozen shoulder, the shoulder capsule turns into very thick and stiff, hindering the general motion. Furthermore, scar tissue types within the joint, and there may be much less lubrication as a consequence of lack of synovial fluid to maintain it lubricated.

frozen shoulder
Hold exercising to alleviate shoulder ache. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

What are the phases of a frozen shoulder?

In a lot of the circumstances, restoration is achievable, despite the fact that it could take as much as 1 to 2 years in some circumstances. Frozen shoulder develops regularly in three phases and every stage can final for a number of months.

These embody:

  • Freezing: Any motion of the shoulder causes ache, and the vary of movement turns into slender.
  • Frozen: Throughout this stage, ache might start to subside. Nonetheless, the shoulder stiffens, and it turns into harder to make use of.
  • Thawing: The shoulder vary of movement begins to enhance.

Diagnosing a frozen shoulder

Medical historical past, bodily examination, and imaging modalities are used to make the medical analysis of frozen shoulder (ruling out one other situation, moderately than confirming the analysis of AC). Though the etiology of the situation just isn’t but absolutely understood, sure threat elements may also help in understanding the complication of this situation and improve the therapy choices. These embody:

frozen shoulder
In case your shoulder appears caught, strive these strategies for reduction. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

The right way to deal with a frozen shoulder?

Non-surgical therapy choices for Adhesive Capsulitis (AC) embody pharmacological administration and physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is essential for ache management and restoration of regular shoulder mobility. In sure uncommon circumstances, if there may be little or no enchancment, intervention strategies like intra-articular injections, joint manipulation beneath anesthesia or shoulder arthroscopic surgical procedures are concerned relying upon the medical requirement of the affected person.

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